Top 10 Interview Tips

Here they are counted down ….

  • #10. Show up at least 35 minutes earlier than your scheduled time.
  • #9. Always ask the interviewer a question when prompted “do you have any questions” ?
  • #8. Do not ramble on in your answer for more than ONE minute at a time.  Pause and assess for body language/cues.
  • #7. Read everything carefully on interview day and remember to always follow instructions!
  • #6. Do some background reading about the medical school/residency program/city/institution ahead of time.
  • #5. Show confidence in your answers but respect that everyone will have weaknesses, including yourself.  Be prepared to discuss these and how you can improve.
  • #4. For traditional interviews, ask ahead of time for your interviewers’ names and google them if possible.  For MMI interviews, be familiar with the interview structure ahead of time.
  • #3. Don’t read more into the question/scenario then there really is.
  • #2. Don’t leave your interview preparation until the last minute.
  • #1. Go into the interview with the attitude that your hard work will pay off and that you will get into that medical school/residency program for which you are interviewing.